What is Kendesk Digital Services?

Kendesk is a Digital Media Strategy and Execution Platform that deals with Social Media Management, Branding, Customer Support and Consumer Analysis that makes use of social media channels and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and other networks to promote a company’s products and services and enhance customer experiences.

Why does my company need your services?

No business wants to get left behind right? Every single day that passes the more your competition promote across social media. This wave of social media marketing is here to stay… and if you don’t jump on board now you are severely hampering your chances of longevity online – which is where more business is going.

How soon will I see social media growth?

The time frame and amount of growth that you will see is directly related to your business and its market. Small businesses in a very niche market will see smaller growth numbers than a large business with a wider market.

Who uses this type of service?

We provide our social media services to Small Medium Enterprises and Busy Professionals including: Healthcare Companies,  Home Improvement Businesses, Bloggers, Celebrity, Entrepreneurs, News portals, Startups, Online Stores, Hair Salons, Consulting, Financial Services, Automotive, Education, Personal Trainers, Photographers, Non-profit Organizations and much more.

Do I have to give you my login information?

We create all profiles from scratch. But if you already have the pages, we do require login information for some of networks. Also, if you would prefer to keep the login information private, you can also make us an admin of your page, which will allow us to post on behalf of you.

Does Kendesk respond to comments and questions on our social media pages?

Kendesk does respond to comments on your social media pages. When you sign up, we ask for a list of common questions and general facts about your company so that we can respond to most questions on your social media pages. If there is something that we don’t have the answer to or needs a more detailed response, we will direct them to contact your customer service.

Where are you Located?

Kendesk Digial Services is located at Nazarene Church Complex, along Ngong Road.

Email: info@kendesk.com

Phone: 0790505298

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